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SMP for grey/white hair and fair skin

Are you a silver fox that has been sitting on the side lines wanting to restore your hairline with SMP but a bit nervous to commit after seeing some bad examples of the treatment online or in person? The examples you've seen may of looked to dark or to hard? Well please don't be discouraged as a soft natural light result can be achieved by the right experienced and skilled artist as demonstrated by our client in this picture.

An SMP treatment should only be ever as dark as your real hair on the back and sides at a shaved length so it creates a seamless blend with your remaining hair.

A skilled artist will perfectly dilute the pigment to a very light grey shade and create impressions that are equal to the size of the circumference of your hair follicles. When this is executed properly the SMP treatment on grey/white hair and fair skin will look very natural and undetectable. As always choosing the right artist/SMP business with experience in this type of treatment is the key for the ultimate outcome, So don't be afraid to take the leap as the results can look incredible!

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