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Scalp Micro Pigmentation more commonly known as SMP is a hair loss treatment where tens ofthousands of micro follicle replication impressions are skillfully and artistically placed on to the scalp in all areas of baldness and thinning that creates the appearance of a new follicle. This is perfect to recreate an entire hairline or disguise thinning etc


There are two types of SMP treatments we perform -

1. The shaved look (buzz cut) 

This type of treatment is suitable for men who are suffering from male pattern baldness who are generally a 4-7 on the Norwood Scale.

We buzz the hair that's still present down to a 0.3mm in length and completely fill in the centre area of the scalp and seamlessly transition (blend) the treatment into your real hair the end result is the look of a full head of hair just shaved short.

  • 2-3 sessions are required

  • Minimum of 2 days between each session

  • 4-5 hours per session


2. Density treatment


This type of treatment is suitable for men and woman who still have hair but are thinning in certain areas due to early signs of pattern baldness, illness,

transplant surgery, pregnancy or alopecia related hair loss issues. We can fill in all areas of thinness to create a fuller more dense look of hair again. You can leave your hair at what ever length you wish for the treatment there's no requirement to cut it short.

We can also perform scar coverage with SMP if you have scaring due to

an injury or transplant surgery. We can disguise the scar area on the scalp with SMP to

blend into your natural hair so it's no longer visible.

  • 2-3 sessions are required

  • Minimum of 2 days between each session

  • 4-5 hours per session



Does it hurt?

No. It's not as intrusive as a typical skin body art tattoo. We use

different equipment and techniques. Some discomfort is felt by 50% of our clients but its not unbearable or unachievable.

You are able to lay back relax watch a movie or listen to some

music. (The end result is worth it!)

How long does it last?

As everyone's skin, lifestyle and level of activity differs. Generally a

quality ultra natural looking SMP procedure will last 3 - 5 years or longer

with proper care.

The treatment is designed to lighten and age with you (which is a good thing) After that time a small touch up will be required which consists of 1 x session of 3-4 hours to bring it back to new again and it will be good again for another 3-5 years.



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