Scalp Micro Pigmentation more commonly known as SMP is a

procedure where thousands of ink pigments are skillfully placed

into the scalp to create the appearance of a fresh new folicle.

This is amazing due to being able to create the appearance of

looking like you shave your full head of hair by choice not that

your shaving it because your bald.

It is simply stunning how the reappearance of a hairline can

impact the look of your face taking years off how you look and

enhancing all your facial features. We create a complete FULL

head of hair again and design an amazing natural looking hairline.

We can build density into thinning hair for men or woman using

SMP. If you still have your full head of hair but are thinning in

certain areas due to pattern, illness, surgical related hair loss

 we can fill in those areas to create a fuller look of hair easily.

 We can also perform scar coverage with SMP if you have

scaring due to an injury or surgery we can fill in the scar area

on the scalp region with SMP to blend into your natural hair so

it's no longer visible.

SMP is a very artistic and skilled procedure and should only ever

 be performed by a highly skilled SMP artist. We are

professionally trained and accredited and use the absolute

highest quality inks, equipment and eye for detail to achieve

the finest quality SMP in Australia.



How long does the procedure take?

Every procedure is different as everyone's amount of hair loss

differs but generally expect two 5 hour sessions to achieve full

density coverage.

Does it hurt?

No. It's not as intrusive as a typical skin tattoo we use very

different equipment only a very mild tapping sensation is felt.

You are able to lay back relax watch a movie or listen to some


How long does it last?

As everyone's skin and level of activity differs. Generally a

quality performed SMP procedure will last 3 - 5 years or longer

with proper care.



Want to find out more about how Scalp Micro Pigmentation could change your life? Give us a call or leave your info and we’ll get back to you very soon!

SMP Gold Coast Scalp Micro Pigmentation Gold Coast SMP Hair loss solution
SMP Gold Coast Scalp Micro Pigmentation Gold Coast SMP Hair loss solution
SMP Gold Coast Scalp Micro Pigmentation Gold Coast SMP Hair loss solution