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Density treatment


The popularity of Scalp Micropigmentation for the use of increasing the appearance of fuller hair is growing rapidly and rightly so! It's a fantastic treatment option to increase the look of your hair density.

We place tens of thousands of micro impressions in and around all areas of thinning to remove the stark visual skin appearance of the scalp between the hairs creating the illusion of full hair density and no one will ever tell you've had this treatment done.

A density treatment provides a permanent solution over using high maintenance hair fibres and some clients choose to stop using topical hair loss formulas as after there density treatment is complete the result is exactly what they were waiting for or hoping to achieve from medications. The combination of a hair transplant and SMP is wonderful. The two treatments compliment each other so well and it will save you thousands of dollars on future transplants. We have performed hundreds of density treatments and we are very experienced in this type of treatment and our results are nothing short of amazing! and the best news is there is no need to shave your hair we can perform a density treatment at any length your hair is at. This is also a very popular treatment for women who are experiencing post pardom hair loss, sickness or illness related hair loss and for men who are experiencing early onset pattern baldness

Applications for a density treatment are - 

Pre/Post hair transplant 

Early onset pattern baldness

Post pardom/hormonal hair loss - (women)

Illness and sickness related hair loss

2-3 sessions are generally required to achieve the desired result.

Each session is approximately 3-4 hours in length

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