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Shaved look

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The shaved look SMP treatment is an incredible hair loss solution for men who have advanced hair loss, typically a Norwood 4 - 7. Unfortunately once this stage has been reached there are less and less hair loss options out there to regain your full hairline again once its completely gone.  Even hair transplants can often be no longer an option due to insufficient donor hair remaining.  An SMP treatment can give you the look of a full hair again just shaved to a 0.5-1mm in length. In most cases you may be already shaving your hair this short anyway, we essentially fill in the gaps in the middle seamlessly and naturally by placing tens of thousands of micro follicle replications in all areas of baldness and thinning to create the ultimate buzz cut look. The look of shaving by choice not because your bald. We are very experienced in this type of treatment and are world renowned for our ultra natural hairline designs. We have performed treatments on every possible skin type and age is no barrier we have performed treatments on guys between the ages of 18 - 75 years old so its never to early or late to recreate your hairline.

We aim to create the most natural looking age specific result possible. We can create very natural broken feathered hairline designs or sharp edge up designs.

Applications for a shaved look SMP treatment are - 

Pattern baldness

Illness and sickness related hair loss


2-3 sessions are generally required to achieve the desired result.

Each session is approximately 3-4 hours in length

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