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Has your SMP treatment gone wrong elsewhere? If so it can be fixed! We have introduced FIX MY SMP together with our core business as a solution to the high amount of men contacting us after having there treatment performed elsewhere and knowing that its just not looking right due to either the practitioner they previously saw not having a enough experience or not having the necessary skill level to complete the treatment properly. Sadly a lot of people assume SMP is the same everywhere you go and its simply not the case or finding the cheapest price is not the right way to go either when searching for an SMP provider. This is a very highly skilled artistic procedure so finding the right artist is essential! Otherwise it can and does go horribly wrong.

There are a number of visual signs that contribute to a poorly performed SMP treatment, we've listed a few examples below.

  • Mega dots

  • uneven distribution and density

  • blue/green blow outs that cause pigment migration 

  • under done treatment (to light)

  • boxy hairline 

  • incorrect transition into your real hair

  • inadequate density to reach full hair fullness ( density treatments )

This can all be rectified. We have performed countless SMP corrections over the years we are extremely experienced in this area and have seen it all. In a lot of cases we can work around the existing treatment to bring it up to the correct standard very easily. In some cases we may need to remove by laser a part of or all of the existing treatment and start from new again. We have partnered with an excellent laser clinic who is very experienced in SMP removal. We ensure to make the whole process as simple and streamlined as possible for you as we can appreciate you have already gone through enough up to this point.

A great SMP treatment should always be ultra natural looking and completely undetectable to everyone. 

If you feel your current or newly performed treatment isn't quite right please feel free to get in touch with us for a very discreet chat and we can discuss your options to move forward together to correct your SMP. There will be no judgement and you don't have to tell us where it was performed prior, we would just love to help you have that beautiful look you were hoping for from the very beginning. 

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