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Australia's best SMP artists under the one roof

Shannon Brett and Jana Skinner are both highly accomplished and highly regarded SMP artists here in Australia and around the world. There work is of a world class level and admired by there peers in the industry the world over. They are a part of Tony Abbagnatto's Pygmenta Black Rain inkfluencers team, which is comprised of only a select few of the best SMP artists from around the world. They are regularly invited to travel overseas for SMP expos and events to perform as guest artists.

They are both considered as being within the Top 5 best SMP artists in Australia. They both share a natural artistic ability that shows on every one of there SMP treatments. There ultra realistic natural looking hairline recreations and designs is what sets them aside from other artists.

Fortunately for there clients both of these incredible artists can be found under the one roof at Pro Micro Robina on the Gold Coast Queensland.

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