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Cost of SMP

The cost of SMP can vary significantly based on each individuals level of hair loss. You can expect to pay anywhere from $750 - $4500. Thats why it's very important to discuss the treatment in depth with an SMP professional either over the phone or ideally a one on one consultation is always best, these are generally always free of charge. They will be able to assess and advise your level of hair loss and let you know the level of work that's involved in creating your SMP treatment and they will price accordingly. Some jobs are quite simple 2-4 hours in length, others are more complex and can take up to 15 hours and that's the main factor in the difference of SMP pricing.

A quality SMP treatment dosen't happen quickly it takes hours of time, patience and most importantly skill to create a beautiful natural end result over multiple sessions.

Like anything in life you get what you pay for and that's particularly true in artistic industries. The level of skill from a professional, experienced and highly skilled artist may demand a higher premium much like an amazing body art tattooist but your guaranteed to get the exact beautiful result your hoping for and its worth every penny to ensure its done correctly and SMP is no different.

The old saying - if its to good to be true it often is! so be very careful when pricing up your SMP treatment and ensure you make the right decision, don't just make it solely on price when choosing an SMP provider as it can go very wrong there's often not a great deal of difference in price between a great artist and an average artist.

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