I S  Y O U R  C O N F I D E N C E  D A M A G E D  F R O M  U N W A N T E D  H A I R  L O S S ?

Dream of having your full hairline back? Well now you can. We provide an affordable, permanent and non-surgical solution to the age old problem of hair loss. This is a real, genuine instant hair loss solution. Join the thousands of Australian men and women who are changing their lives with SMP -  Scalp Micro Pigmentation. We are located on the Gold Coast and specialise in performing the most advanced ultra realistic and natural looking follicle replication Scalp Micro Pigmentation in Australia. We understand the psychology of hair loss and the adverse effects it can have on your life. We can help you to live a fuller more happier and confident life again. The results are nothing short of amazing! Our treatments help both Men and women restore their hairline and confidence who are suffering from the burden of pattern baldness, thinning, scaring or illness related hair loss.

A S  S E E N  I N
A S  S E E N  I N  

learn about what Scalp Micro Pigmentation is and how it can transform baldness 

Still have hair but thinning? We can build density with SMP


Read our comprehensive FAQs to answer any questions you may have


V I R T U A L  S M P  S I M U L A T O R

Wondering how Scalp Micro Pigmentation - SMP will look like on you?

Well we have taken the guess work out with our exclusive Pro Micro virtual SMP simulator. Simply send via SMS or email a front on selfie of yourself and we will send you back a simulation guide of how you will look after an SMP treatment.

" H A I R L I N E  T A T T O O S  A R E  A  T H I N G!
T H E  H A I R  T A T T O O  I S  T H E  L A T E S T  S O L U T I O N  T O  S O L V E  T H E  D I L E M M A  O F  T H E  B A L D I N G  M A N."
D A V I D  S M I E D T    0 2  A U G  2 0 1 8

H A I R  N O W  P A Y  L A T E R








N O R W O O D  S C A L E

The Norwood Scale is the universal unit of measure for Hair Loss.

All men can use this useful 1 - 7 measurement to accurately find out at what level of hair loss they are at.

We use this guide in accurately designing your procedure.

We can easily transform a 7 on the scale right back to a look of a 1 or 2 with our Scalp Micro Pigmentation procedures.

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“Thanks Pro Micro! you are the best at what you do. I didn't know what to expect but you blew my expectations. My new hairline looks incredible! I can't believe the difference. I'm so excited to rock my new look.”


—  Kyle B.


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