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Immediate hair loss solution for both men and women. Results visible within hours

Scalp Micropigmentation SMP

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) also known as a hair tattoo is a revolutionary non-invasive and non-surgical hair loss treatment where tiny micro dots of a specialised pigment are skilfully applied to areas of baldness and hair loss on the scalp to resemble a hair follicle. The treatment can be used to create the appearance of thicker hair for men and women, or if you're completely bald the treatment can give the appearance of a full head of shaved hair. One of the major benefits of a hair tattoo is that it's non-invasive, meaning there's no scarring or down time, you walk in and out the same day with immediate results! We are the Scalp Micropigmentation experts, we have performed over one thousand treatments with a 100% success rate of satisfaction for all of our clients. We specialise in producing only the very best and most natural looking SMP in Australia. If your looking for the most realisitic result for your SMP treatment then look no further!

As featured in 
" Hairline tattoo's are a thing! "
" The hair tattoo is the latest solution to solve the dilemma of the balding man"

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Total hairline recreation for men with advanced hair loss/baldness, creating a close shaved look. 

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Mens densifying treatments, SMP is a great solution for men with early onset thinning or low post hair transplant density.

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SMP is not only reserved for men, women can benefit greatly from SMP. Great results are achieved for ladies experiencing thinning from illness or sickness related hair loss.

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Book a time and date the suits you to visit us in person at our clinic in Robina on the Gold Coast. We are open 6 days a week for a one on one consultation to discuss your treatment options and provide you with a quote 

In clinic consultation
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Simply call or text us and we'll talk you through the Scalp Micro Pigmentation process from start to finish to make you feel comfortable.

Meet our team

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Shannon Brett

Master SMP Practitioner

Shannon's love for the hair loss industry began many years ago from his very own battles with hair loss and his quest to find solutions, combined with his amazing artistic and creative abilities and love of design.

Shannon is a nationally and internationally recognized SMP Artist. Shannon's skill and natural ability for SMP rapidly saw him rise to the very top of the SMP industry in Australia.  Shannon is regarded as an authority in the industry and one of the very top SMP artists in Australia and the world.

Shannon is one of only a select few artists worldwide to be invited to join Tony Abbagnato's Pygmenta Pro SMP team as an international Black Rain Inkfluencer. Tony Abbagnato is an Italian based SMP artist and regarded as the very best SMP artist in the world.


Shannon has performed hundreds of treatments on both men and women and has encountered and performed treatments on every type of hair loss scenario imaginable and achieved phenomenal results. He is renowned for his ultra natural looking hairline designs which clients travel from all over Australia to have Shannon achieve the most realistic SMP result possible for them.

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Jana Skinner

Master SMP Practitioner

Jana needs no introduction within the industry in Australia she is regarded as one of the absolute best SMP artists in the country and she is respected and admired by all SMP artists around Australia and the world.

Jana is an authority within the SMP industry and has years of experience as a full time SMP artist. She is one of the most, gifted, trusted, experienced and respected SMP practitioners and master trainers in the country.


She's performed hundereds of absolutely stunning treatments on both men and women. Her experience in all aspects of hair loss is second to none. She also has a degree in fine arts.

Jana is one of only a select few artists worldwide to be invited to join Tony Abbagnato's Pygmenta Pro SMP team as an international Black Rain Inkfluencer. Tony Abbagnato is an Italian based SMP artist and regarded as the very best SMP artist in the world.

Clients travel from all over Australia to have there treatments performed by Jana as shes able to create such an ultra realistic natural result.

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SMP is a very highly skilled practice which requires intense focus and ability. If you find someone offering it for less than this and it seems to good to be true it generally is. It's very important to have your SMP treatment performed right by experienced professionals. 

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Has it gone wrong elsewhere?

Not all SMP treatments are the same from all providers unfortunately.. It's a sad fact. A Big part of our business is fixing the work of other clinic/studios.

There a lot of inexperienced and unskilled providers out there performing unsatisfactory SMP work. If you feel you've unfortunately had an experience like this the good news is not all is lost, it can be fixed!

We are very experienced in correction methods. We can guide you from start to finish in correcting your treatment and having it looking great as it should've been in the first place.

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Why choose
Pro Micro?

As our name suggests we are professional Scalp Micropigmentation artists. You are in very experienced hands with over one thousand treatments performed. Our work is regularly nominated for awards within the industry so every clients SMP treatment is reflective of this fact, amazing realistic results everytime! 

  • Sponsored brand ambassadors for Pygmenta Black Rain (worlds number one SMP pigment

  • Award winning artists - (Australian beauty and cosmetic tattoo awards)

  • Master trainers, educators and mentors of new and existing SMP artists within Australia 

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“Thanks Pro Micro! you are the best at what you do. I didn't know what to expect but you blew my expectations. My new hairline looks incredible! I can't believe the difference. I'm so excited to rock my new look.”


—  Kyle B.

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