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PYGMENTA Black Rain, INK Different Scalp Micropigmentation ink by the worlds leading SMP artists Tony & Chris Abbagnato now available to purchase in Australia.


Pygmenta has been designed by by a pool of tricopigmentists who searched for the perfect formula to obtain the best experience that a tricopigmentist could wish for. In addition inside the package you will find the dilution chart.


High density ink - More grafts less refills. Thanks to the pigment density with a single refill you will have the possibility to cover a larger area of your current pigment.


High Performance - Put the turbo on your dermograph, Pygmenta has been designed to have the best performance even at high speeds.


Why with Pygmenta you can offer your clients an extrememly natural and permanent result:


- Dense texture

- A single pigment for all skin tones and hair colours

- Easy to clean

- It does not stain during the treatment

- It does not dry quickly

- It can also be used at the maximum speed of the dermograph

- More grafts with a single refill

- Vegan 100%

- Cruelty free





Pygmenta Black Rain

SKU: 364215376135191
15 Milliliters
Color: Black
  • Free shipping within Australia via Australia Post

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